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Music I listen to

Well to tell ya the truth I like everything that accompanies my mood for the day, that can be from classical music like Beethoven, Handel, Strauss to pop and rock to even yes sir iii country music.
Some favorite songs are:
Sophie B. Hawkins: Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover
Bonnie Riatt: Something To Talk About
Aerosmith: Walk This Way
Cascada: Everytime We Touch
Pink: Trouble, Leave Me Alone
Tatu: All The Things She Said
Faith Hill: That Kiss
Puddle of Mudd: She Fu*ing Hates Me
Ok Go: You're So Damn Hot
Mis-Teeq: Scandalous
AC/DC: Shook Me All Night Long
All American Rejects: Dirty Little Secret
The Wonders: That Thing You Do
Alix Dobson: Lesbian Code
Meredith Brooks: I'm a Bitch

Books that moved me

I'm currently reading Affinity from Sarah Waters, The first book I read of this bard Fingersmith litterly got me captivated. This bard has a amazing talent of weaving a story, you just can't wait to turn the page and figure out what will happen...I'm a fan of this bard!!

On the Fanfic net i like the works of many bards, like T.Novan, Advocate, Vivian Darklbloom, Missy Good...
Also like Margreth Mitchell's Gone With The Wind...

Interesting facts about me

Well I live in a small town in Belgium, when i'm not feeding this nonsense to the computer i like to read a good book. Some of my favorite authors are Bob Mendes, Oriana Fallaci, Gust Verwerft, Mellissa Good, Radclyffe, T Novan, Suzanne Beck, Constance M. Burge, Stephen King...Well I like toread just about anything that stries my fancy going from Psychology, astrology, crime, biography, thriller etc..
I also like to keep lil'ol me buzzy wit fumbling around making music videos on youtube my profilename overthere is Callisto127612. Ad as ya might have read out of my short list of favorite authors is that i'm an avid fan fiction reader, mostly Xena related. My favorite TV shows are...Xena Warrior Princess like ya couldn't guess...I also like Charmed allot furthermore i like to watch Bones, NCSI, CSI Miami, Murder She Wrote. My favorite actors are the martial actors Jean Claude Van Damme and Jackie Chan, one of my favorite actress is Susanne Sarandon.
favorite Movie: there are so much good movies out there, well if ya put a gun to my scalp and force me to choose one I probably get myself shot due to indecision. But a gem in my humble opinion is The Shawn Shank Redemption.

Well besides sitting on my lazy rump i like all things fast, just ad speed to a activity and i'm always gain.
What else...well I am a nurse and i have two dogs and one cat.
Now like the Looney Tunes say: "That's All Folks!!"

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    Hi! :) Glad you are online again! I asked myself the whole time where you could have been. imageimage

    Things are alright here and school is ok, too. :) Except that I´ve been quite busy this week because I wrote some exams. :( And the week after the next week I´ll start my practical training for eight weeks.
    So, how are things in Belgium? :)
    The weather here was quite nice during the last days but today it rained here, too. image

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    Reply from Callisto76:


    wow preparing them or taking are you excited for the practical training? do you get to do all sorts of interesting stuff?
    It's rainy here in Belgium, and its getting chiller in the evenings. Fall and winter are preparing them selves to rule Zeus green earth for now, Oh well, a change of season a change of scenery, I just hope we won't get snow..yikes

Places to visit before you turn 100

The Niagara Falls
New Zea(na)land

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Groovy quotes

"Some of us have a job, some of us have fun, some of us have a really bad hair day"
"I'm just following my instincts, and they've never led me wrong before, at least not when I was really listening to them"
"I don't obsess,I think-intensely''
"It's starting to get weird? Where have you been?"
"You know that I now you've got a secret"
"It's the twenty-first century. it's the women's job to save the day"
"The tooth fairy is going to come and harass us all for not flossing"
"Why couldn't you get a boy-band song stuck in your head like everybody else?"
"I am not good or evil. I just am. I'm inevitable says death"
"I'm pregnant, not terminal"
"I may be stuck in bed, but I'm not stuck on stupid"
"You can get books on the Internet, news, purses even, but not dates"
"Morning. Never mind. Don't ask!!"
"So all that monkey business, you know, speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil is real?"